10 Fun Things to do in Lagos, Nigeria

Looking for fun and exciting things to do in Lagos, Nigeria? I’ve got you! In this detailed guide, I’ll show you 10 of the most exciting things to do while in Lagos – from places to Hangout in Lagos to fun day trips from Lagos and famous Lagos tourist attractions places to visit. Are you ready? AWESOME Let’s do this!

fun things to do in Lagos
Lounging at Atican Beach, Lagos

Experience Africa’s Longest Canopy Walkway at the Lekki Conservation Center

How comfortable are you with heights? The Lekki Conservation Centre offers an extraordinary adventure; with the longest canopy walkway in Africa, stretching 401 meters. This remarkable structure includes 6 Towers, each standing at over 22 feet, interconnected by a series of walkways that occasionally sway. As you ascend, you’ll have an unparalleled view of the Conservation Center and its surroundings, offering a unique perspective above the treetops. There’s the possibility of encountering cheeky monkeys during your climb, so it’s advisable not to carry any food.

Admission & Pricing: The Lekki Conservation Centre is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Entrance fees cost N1,000 for Adults, N200 for Children (1-10 yrs.) and N300 for Children (11-17 yrs.). The Canopy Walkway costs N1,000 per person. Location: Km 19, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Peninsula II.

For More Information: Head on to Lekki Conservation Center’s website.

Admire African Art at the Nike Art Gallery

The Nike Art Gallery was founded by the legendary Oyenike Monica Okundaye (featured in the photo above  – middle). The gallery comprises an art gallery, a textile museum, and a cute coffee shop. It is home to over 10,000 art pieces, mostly African artworks such as Batik, Adire, painting, carving, beadwork, Do and even Nike herself. Nike Art Gallery is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.

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There’s no cost to enter, but you should take the opportunity to make a purchase should something catch your eye! 

Take a Day Trip to the Epe Mangroves

Drifting through the Epe Mangroves is quite an unconventional activity, but if you find yourself in Lagos looking for a distinctive experience near the city, you should consider visiting. There you’ll find a smaller Yoruba community very different from Lagos, including a fascinating fish market you can peruse.

The highlight of this day trip from Lagos is going to be taking a small boat and canoeing through the mangroves, for a taste of Nigerian nature. Just watch out for the crocodiles!

Planning & Pricing: Call a guide at +234 803 481 9471

Explore the Historic Town of Badagry

Badagry is an ancient coastal town situated on the outskirts of Lagos. It holds a great deal of history as it served as a major port and auction point during the transatlantic slave trade era. Badagry is also notable for having the first primary school in Nigeria. It sure makes another worthwhile day trip from Lagos. Despite its somber historical background, Badagry is now a growing hub for tourism, housing museums that preserve artefacts from the era of the slave trade, attractions tracing the paths of historical slave trade routes, and various noteworthy historical events. Additionally, the area offers a beautiful coastline adorned with pristine beaches and luxurious resorts, providing ideal spaces for relaxation and taking pictures.

Get Sand on your feet at Landmark Beach

Lagos, being on Africa’s West African Coastline,  is home to quite a number of beaches and beachside resorts. Landmark Beach in Victoria Island is located right within the city, making it one of the most accessible beaches. The stunning strip of beach is pristine, and the surrounding area is lined with a few upscale cafes and restaurants.

During the day, there’s a family-friendly atmosphere with an inflatable water park, a children’s play area, quadbikes and other water activities. At night, the beach transforms into a party scene. From concerts and comedy shows to silent disco parties and game nights, Landmark Beach allows visitors to experience nightlife in Lagos – some may find nighttime to be more exciting than the day.

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Other fun Beaches include Atican Beach and Oniru Beach.

👉 Pro Tip: Check this out for how to plan your trips effortlessly.

Shop in an Open-Air Market

For the adventurous, a visit to the largest market in Lagos “Balogun Market” can be the most memorable experience you’d have in the city. Located on Lagos Island, the market is the definition of organized chaos. Here, you will find fabrics and other items in abundance and often at a cheaper price if you’re able to bargain.

For a more relaxed experience, visit the “Lekki Arts and Crafts Market”. Here you can navigate through a maze of stalls to find unique works of art and handmade accessories. The atmosphere is much quieter,  so you can stroll around at your leisure and strike up conversations with the Vendors. Lagos is filled with open-air markets that sell everything from textiles to household goods to computers (there’s even a famous “Computer Village”).

   👉 Pro Tip: The markets are generally safe, but be careful with your belongings and “Shine ya EYE”.

Visit a Themed Café or Two

Visiting Maison Kayser Nigeria For a taste of France in Lagos is definitely a fun activity you should do in Lagos. You should try especially the pastries, bread or gelato. Another great Café Pit Stop Lagos. It is a wellness and cycling-themed café. A great option for brunch or lunch.

Art Café Lagos is another great option for Breakfast, brunch or Lunch. It is a gorgeous art-inspired café in Lagos with menu options for Nigerian or Continental dishes.

👉 Pro Tip: Look them up on Instagram to get a feel of the space – it could help you pick out an outfit. Do this to also get an idea of what you could be spending.

Explore the Nigerian local cuisine

No trip to Lagos is complete without trying out the local food. Nigerians take a lot of pride in their meals and often spend a considerable amount of time preparing them. This translates to deeply spice-infused delicious meals that will tingle your taste buds. A popular dish to try is jollof rice, a rice-based dish cooked in tomato sauce and spices.
fun things to do in Lagos
Another local favourite is suya, a street delicacy made of thin strips of skewered grilled meat. For the nicest Ram Suya, check out Crave Eat Suya. Contact +2348169680416 to place an order. Other popular Nigerian foods to try include Akara (deep-fried bean cakes), dodo (fried plantain), and puff-puff (fried sweet doughnut-like balls)

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Take a Boat to Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay is located on a small artificial island and is only accessible by boat or water taxi from Lagos Island.

For an affordable option, you could take a public boat but you can’t choose the time to head to Tarkwa Bay or leave the beach. Departure points are:

  • From Marina (CMS): You can board a speedboat at N2000 per person. The ride should last for 20 minutes.
  • From Mekwe Jetty near Bonny Camp on Lagos Island: You can board a speedboat. The journey should take 15 minutes.

For a Flexible and convenient option especially if you’re in a large group or have items you want to take to the beach you should use Tarzan Boats (located beside Lagos Oriental Hotel): They have a flat fee of 25,000 naira and different sizes of boats depending on how large your group is.

If you came along with your surfboard, you could catch a wave or rent a chair and watch other surfers!

Hop on a train from Lagos to Ibadan

Make a day trip from Lagos to Ibadan without the rigours of having to experience “Nigerian roads” using the train. It is fast and easy to book and the journey is super comfortable. One-way tickets start at N3600 per person depending on the coach class chosen.

fun things to do in Lagos

To book a train ticket at the Mobolaji Johnson Train Station at Ebute Metta, Lagos, you should arrive at the station in time, at least thirty minutes before your departure time to let you settle in nicely just before your train leaves for Ibadan. Go to the station with a valid means of identification. Do bear in mind that the train departs Lagos to Ibadan twice a day on weekdays and weekends; 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The train also departs Ibadan twice a day on weekdays and weekends; 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. You can choose to stay and Explore Ibadan or return to Lagos on the same day. Visit The Nigerian Railway Corporation’s Official Website for Up-to-date Information concerning  Scheduling and Pricing.

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