The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Europe 2023

Autumn in Europe is a magical season, where nature transforms into a stunning tapestry of colors. The vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold sweep across the continent, making it one of the most picturesque times to visit. In this article, we will embark on a journey to discover the best places to see fall foliage in Europe.

Why Fall Foliage?

Before we delve into the enchanting destinations, let’s understand why fall foliage is such a significant and awe-inspiring phenomenon. As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, deciduous trees shed their leaves. This natural process creates a visual spectacle that attracts visitors from around the world. The beauty of fall foliage is influenced by several factors, including temperature, rainfall, and the type of trees in a region. Europe’s diverse climate and landscape result in a wide range of fall foliage experiences.

Best Places to See Fall Foliage

Tips for Planning Your Fall Foliage Trip

  1. Best Time to Visit These Destinations: Timing is crucial when planning a fall foliage trip. Research the peak foliage times for your chosen destination to witness the most breathtaking views. Generally, September to November is the prime time for witnessing fall foliage in Europe.
  2. Packing Essentials for Your Trip: Don’t forget to pack warm clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, and a good camera to capture the beauty of fall. Also, bring along a thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy the crisp air.
  3. Capturing the Essence of Fall: Fall foliage provides an excellent opportunity for photography and Travel Vlogging. Experiment with different angles, lighting, and compositions to capture the essence of this stunning season.
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Top Destinations for Fall Foliage in Europe

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Best Places to See Fall Foliage
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia in Fall

Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its cascading lakes and waterfalls. In the fall, the surrounding trees turn a striking array of colors, creating a fairytale setting. The serenity and beauty of this place all year round will leave you in awe.

  • The Black Forest, Germany

Best Places to See Fall Foliage
The Black Forest, Germany in Fall

Imagine wandering through a fairytale forest where every tree is dressed in shades of gold and crimson. Germany’s Black Forest is famous for its dense woodlands, charming villages, and, in autumn, a myriad of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Hiking trails through the forest provide the perfect vantage points. Also, you shouldn’t miss the picturesque drives along the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, where you can capture the essence of fall.

  • Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany’s rolling hills and vineyards are a painter’s palette come to life in autumn. The vineyards are busy with harvest, and the landscapes are bathed in a soft, golden light. Stroll through vineyards, visit quaint villages, and savor Tuscan cuisine as you take in the autumn spectacle. Alternatively, The Dolomites in northern Italy are known for their jagged peaks. In the fall, the larch trees change to a golden yellow, making the landscape even more dramatic.

Best Places to See Fall Foliage
Tuscany, Italy in the Fall
  • The Lake District, England

The Lake District in England is a year-round gem, but in the fall, it truly shines. Truly, England’s Lake District is a poetic realm, and autumn here is a season of misty mornings and russet leaves. The reflection of colorful foliage in the pristine lakes is a sight to behold and the serene lakes surrounded by hills and forests are a treat for the soul.

Best Places to See Fall Foliage
The Lake District, England in Fall
  • The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are renowned for their rugged landscapes, historic castles, and during the fall, an explosion of colors. The mix of ancient oaks, birches, and heathers creates a vibrant patchwork that’s a must-see.

  • The Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Switzerland’s alpine landscapes are enchanting year-round, but in the fall, they take on a special charm. Switzerland’s Engadin Valley is a hidden gem in the fall. This Alpine region offers an array of hiking trails and vistas to witness the fall splendor. As the snow-capped peaks loom in the distance, the landscape becomes a patchwork of autumn hues. Hike the trails, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and be spellbound by the vivid foliage.

  • Provence, France

While Provence is renowned for its lavender fields, it also surprises with its fall foliage. The vineyards and orchards turn golden, making it a serene and picturesque destination. Likewise, the vineyards of Burgundy and the Loire Valley come alive with colors in the fall. Explore charming villages, sip on local wines, and immerse yourself in the French countryside as it transforms into a golden paradise.

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Best Places to See Fall Foliage
Provence, France in Fall
  • The Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Ireland’s “Garden of Ireland,” the Wicklow Mountains, is a hidden gem for fall foliage. The woodlands and hillsides are a delightful mix of warm, autumnal colors and definitely one of the best places to see beautiful fall foliage.

  • Ardennes, Belgium

Belgium’s Ardennes region transforms into a mesmerizing display of warm colors during autumn. The picturesque villages nestled in the valleys make it a perfect destination to see fall foliage.

  • The Norwegian Fjords

Best Places to See Fall Foliage
Sandvika, Norway in Fall

Norway’s iconic fjords, such as the Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, are even more enchanting in the fall, shrouded in mist and surrounded by trees painted in autumnal colors. Cruise through these dramatic landscapes, and you’ll be surrounded by mountains painted with fall’s warm colors. Hiking through the forests is equally captivating as the forest floor becomes a carpet of fallen leaves, and the air is filled with the earthy scent of decay and renewal.

  • Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital is adorned with a variety of trees, and the city’s parks, like Margaret Island and the Buda Hills, become a mosaic of fall colors. Strolling along the Danube with the Parliament building as a backdrop is a memory to cherish.

Popular Things To Do

  • Explore Different Outdoor Activities

The fall foliage destinations in Europe offer various outdoor activities to enjoy the crisp autumn air. Hiking and trekking through the forests and mountains are popular choices. The terrain is perfect for exploring, and you’ll encounter fewer crowds during this season. Additionally, photography enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities to capture the stunning landscapes.

  • Indulge in Local Cuisine

Best Places to See Fall Foliage

Autumn in Europe also means savoring seasonal delights. Try hearty stews, freshly baked bread, and locally-produced cheeses. Don’t forget to sample the apple and pumpkin-based desserts that are abundant during this time.

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In conclusion, Europe offers an array of exquisite destinations to witness the beauty of fall foliage. Each location has its unique charm, making it a memorable experience for all kinds of travelers. The vibrant colors, cool breezes, and the aroma of fallen leaves create a captivating ambiance that will leave you in awe.


  1. Are there any special festivals during the fall season in Europe? Yes, many countries host harvest festivals and wine events, celebrating the autumn season. Check local event calendars for details.
  2. Are there any lesser-known destinations for fall foliage in Europe? Yes, some lesser-known gems like the Ardennes in Belgium and Sintra in Portugal offer stunning fall foliage experiences.
  3. Which European country is known for the most vibrant fall foliage? It’s hard to pick just one, as many countries offer stunning displays, but Germany, Switzerland, and Italy are often praised for their vivid autumn colors.
  4. Is fall foliage tourism popular in Europe? Yes, it’s a popular travel trend, and many tourists from around the world visit Europe to witness the breathtaking fall foliage. Research the specific destinations you want to visit, book accommodations in advance, and consider guided tours for a seamless experience.
  5. Are these destinations suitable for families with children? Yes, many of these destinations offer family-friendly activities and accommodations.

Plan your trip to Europe this fall and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature’s autumn canvas. Whether you choose the misty Norwegian fjords or the picturesque Black Forest, you’re sure to create lasting memories amidst the best fall foliage Europe has to offer.

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